Image The rules to fly a recrational airplane in the US

The rules to fly a recrational airplane in the US

The rules to fly a recrational airplane in the US

Having a recreational plane is one of the best things in the US. Besides, pilots should know and follow some rules and regulations for a nice trip across the USA.

Some laws to know

To have authorization to fly recreational airplane, there are two main rules that every pilot should know. 

  • The first choice is for the small unmanned aircraft systems or USA under the Part 107. It means that pilots should be at least 16 years old, have successfully passed the aeronautical test of knowledge in FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the security screening in Transportation Safety Administration. 
  • The second option is for Model Aircraft. This is only for hobbies. After registration, it can fly. Don't miss to inform that it will be in or above 5 miles apart from the airport. This kind of recreational airplane should never fly if there are other crafts near it.

The rules to fly a recreational airplane

In the USA, even if it's called an airplane for hobbies for most of the time, there are some rules to follow in order to safely fly a recreational aircraft. 

  • Pilots should obtain a pilot certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration after registering on the federal website; 
  • During the flight, pilots should never lose sight of the recreational airplane 
  • Flying with another recreational airplane is not recommended. Obstacles should be avoided by pilots. 
  • Same precautions should be taken with unprotected persons or moving vehicles. Never fly less than 25 feet from individuals and vulnerable property. 
  • Pilots should consider the weather before flying an airplane 
  • The best of warning is not to fly if pilots have taken drugs or alcohol 
  • Pilots should check if the area could be overflown by this kind of airplane

Follow these advices

There are some places where recreational airplane is forbidden. Actually, in some National Parks, it's possible to fly a recreational vehicle except in Yosemite Park. It is also prohibited from flying a recreational vehicle the Grand Canyon, the Zion, the San Francisco Bay or the Valley of Fire.

There are no justifications for this prohibition of this activity over this place but rules have to be respected. Or the recreational airplane is to be confiscated. Even if it seems that having a recreational plane is not advantageous for the owner, specialists have some pieces of advice for recreational airplane travel lovers.

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Its destination counts in 40 000 and it has 1 100 000 hotels contact around the world.  Even if strict rules are established in the USA, it doesn't mean that it's impossible to travel with. Respect the rules and you will enjoy your trip with your recreational airplane.

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